Frequently Asked Questions

Glimmer XP is a mobile application (on iOS & Android) that allows you to view augmented reality (AR) experiences.

AR is the superimposition of a computer generated image on your view of the real world. Often with surprising and magical effects.

Augmented Reality:

  • Injects animation and sound into the world, as seen through a mobile phone camera
  • Relies on special images to trigger content
  • Requires a free app, Glimmer XP, that is available on Apple and Android phones
  • Combines traditional art forms and next-generation technology

Use the Glimmer XP app on your iOS or Android device to find AR Codes that let you know experiences are nearby.

Not to worry! We have a number of exciting AR experiences available on our web site.

Each AR Code identifies a particular experience using the embedded QR code. Once we detect the QR code, the experience will load.

You should cry. Haha, no. We have a solution. Just tap on the “Choose Experience” button and we’ll ask you where you’re at.

Now it’s time to explore and be dazzled. Point your camera around to find markers that trigger an AR experience. Some markers are clearly identified, while others you may have to explore to find. The key is to have fun!

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