Glimmer Technology Experiences

On this page you can experience what happens when you find a marker using the Glimmer XP mobile app. Simply download our app, start it up, follow the in-app instructions to scan the AR Code below, then point your phone’s camera at any of the example images found on this page.

Start Here With the AR Code

This AR Code identifies the Glimmer Experience. Scan this code using the Glimmer XP app to activate the various AR experiences included on this web page.

The Experiences


Magic Window technology turns static images into portals to 3D worlds! When viewed through a mobile phone camera, the effect is exactly as if the user is looking through a window. This is a full 3D scene, but it can also be used to represent layered 2D images, as you might see in shadowboxes.


Living Image technology turns static images into animated videos. When viewed through a mobile phone camera, the effect is as if the image was turned into a TV screen.


This marker was printed on T-shirts available at Eugene Comicon (EUCON). It shows an example of a Living Image combined with a Magic Window background, giving it the effect of both protruding into and animating out of the shirt.


Objects in magic windows can pop out into your world, then pop back in to the magic window world!