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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality:

  • Injects animation and sound into the world, as seen through a mobile phone camera
  • Relies on special images to trigger content
  • Requires a free app, Glimmer XP, that is available on Apple and Android phones
  • Combines traditional art forms and next-generation technology


Cary Torkelson

Cary Torkelson


Formerly co-founded Cellufun, a mobile online gaming community, and creator of numerous casual game titles on various platforms. Cary has more recently been involved in the VR and AR spaces, and works on the back end technology supporting Glimmer XP.

Vance Naegle

Vance Naegle


Vance is a game development creative with credits on titles spanning 25 years. His work covers the gamut from mobile games at Zynga, console games at Pipeworks to pc games at Dynamix. Feeding his passion for innovative technology, Augmented reality development is a natural fit. This University of Oregon alum is excited to be working in the high tech field here in Eugene, Oregon! Go Ducks!

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